Public Relations

We create brand awareness and product placement through selectively lending styles to stylists, celebrities and media in order to secure the brands identity and image. Our strong relations ensure the right attention to each of the brands we represent.


We create and host memorable press days and consumer events, as well as fashion shows, in order to create maximum attention to each brand. Our expertise within social media channels shines through our social media strategies and handling.


All brands are represented in our showroom and online image bank.

Strategic & Creative Consulting

Through dialogue with our clients, we identify the brand’s vision, mission and identity and visualize its strengths and weaknesses. We enable the strategy of the brand in order to create a clear guideline to achieve new goals and directions. Above all, we ensure that everyone in your company has the same understanding, so that your brand is represented in the right way and everyone can achieve the same goal.


We will increase and optimize your brand in the desired direction.


Judged by our strategic experience, we can advise and create image creations to reinforce the visual identity of your brand. It can be campaigns, creations for the social medias, and the overall visual impression.

Brand Building

A well-managed brand creates a strong emotional connection with consumers, and a strong emotional connection fosters loyal customer behavior. We help define your business and brand through dialogue and pinpoint the advantages that you want people to associate with your brand. We then hype your brand in order to embed it in the media and customers minds – through a mixture of advertising campaigns, promotions or events.

Social Media

In the digital world, social media has become an important channel to communicate with consumers and influencers. We offer to take care of your social media, which we provide with continuous and targeted posts and interaction with your followers. We also create quality content to social media in terms of pictures and text.


Platforms with good and continuous content creates more followers, which can result in increased sales. The strategy for your social media, which we develop together, can intertwine with other PR- and marketing activities.


Get in touch with us and learn more about how we can help you on social media.